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Many major construction and infrastructure projects involve the movement and transport of equipment and cargoes that are either of high value and oversized or require long replacement lead times.

Transportation of such cargo requires careful planning and engineering to mitigate attendant risks and ensure that the project does not suffer delays due to damage incurred during transport. We utilize our extensive experience in transport and heavy-lift projects to identify, mitigate and manage the risks.


Transport review and Analysis

Whether it is the transport of a single high-value component or a mega-project involving the transport of multiple units from different sites, we provide the expertise to design the transport solution and develop the operational procedures. This includes all the necessary analyses and practical considerations.

As well as providing transport engineering solutions, we are regularly engaged as Marine Warranty Surveyors on project cargo transports. This first-hand experience of the insurer’s requirements is very beneficial for our work in developing transport engineering solutions. We apply the lessons gleaned from a large number of projects, across various industrial sectors, to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients. 


We deliver transportation procedures, documentation, and advice to support:

  • Heavy lift, semi-submersible, and barge transports

  • Trans-shipments and multi-modal transports

  • Vessel/route selection and optimization

  • Weather window and operability analysis

  • Vessel motions response analyses

  • Sea-fastening design

  • Cargo load-out and load-in (for heavy lifts, skidded and SPMT transport)


Sea-fastening Design

The proper securing and sea-fastening of high-value cargo is critical to the success of a project. We provide practical, cost-effective sea-fastening designs for a range of transport projects ranging from short coastal or inland barge transports to the deep-sea transport of very high-value, sensitive equipment.

Our focus is on providing an optimal solution for the item(s) being transported as well as the selection of an ideal vessel as this helps to mitigate risks and the cost.  We provide helpful advice on the motion criteria that are most appropriate to the cargo and transport route. We also develop sea-fastening designs with sensible, cost-effective fabrication and installation in mind.

Where necessary, we conduct vessel motions response analyses to determine the accelerations and loads acting on the cargo and examine the strength of the vessel to support the cargo and the dynamic loads. We design the sea fastenings, grillages, and load-spreading necessary to distribute the forces acting on the cargo thereby protecting both cargo and vessel.

We have designed sea-fastenings and developed transport plans for items such as:

  • Break-bulk project cargoes

  • Liquid gas e.g. (LPG) bullet tanks

  • Offshore topsides and substations

  • Offshore jackets and piles

  • Oil and gas modules including pre-assembled Racks/Units (PAR/PAU) and pipe racks

  • Sensitive nuclear equipment of high value

  • Ship-to-Shore (STS), mobile cranes, rubber-tired gantry (RTG) cranes

  • Vessels such as tugs, yachts, fishing vessels

  • Wheeled vehicles and rolling stock

  • Wreck removal transportations

Heavy Lift_edited.jpg
Heavy Lift - 2_edited.jpg

Heavy-Lift Analysis

The lifting and movement of large equipment, modules, and other related cargo is an operation with a high degree of risk. We design and deliver heavy lift solutions including rigging design, lift analysis, and detailed operational procedures for everything from simple onshore lifts to more complex offshore lifts.

We have experience working with heavy-lift contractors worldwide, for construction, decommissioning, and salvage projects. We are involved in a range of projects in a variety of roles such as project engineers, technical advisers, and warranty surveyors. Our scope usually covers lifting techniques, crawler cranes, sheer legs, hydraulic jacking systems, strand-jacks, and Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT).


As project advisers, we provide heavy lift designs, including rigging design, lift analysis, and detailed operational procedures for everything from simple onshore lifts to more complex offshore and subsea lifts, including multi-vessel operations. Our expertise includes a range of solutions ranging from simple manual calculations to complex dynamic simulations.

We regularly provide technical advice to project stakeholders on proposed lifting plans and have we also have extensive experience as Marine Warranty Surveyors for reviewing and approving lifting plans and designs on behalf of insurers.

Our expert team can provide you with the following:


  • Stability and Ballasting Analysis for the loading, transit, and discharge operations.

  • Structural analysis of hull and cargo based on operational and sea-state requirements.

  • Motion analysis to determine vessels' sea-keeping characteristics.

  • Design of railcar tie-downs for over-dimensional cargos on ships and barges. 

  • Sea-fastening analysis for vessels engaged in the abnormal wind and current operations.

  • Analysis of crane rigging requirements for heavy lift operations.

  • Provide detailed calculations and AutoCAD drawings for stowage and tie-down designs.

  • Review transportation plans/method statements to identify health, safety, and environmental issues. 

  • Provide recommendations to develop logistics plans. 

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