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Our team of Consultants has expertise in inspecting, planning, engineering, and developing procedures for marine operations. Our Master Mariners have a wealth of knowledge in the practicalities of marine operations, covering vessel operations in-port, and nautical issues through to complex offshore operations near assets. Our Consultants can analyze a range of marine operations, and develop designs and engineering to alleviate the risks that may be present during the operation.


Our consulting services bring clarity to complex projects, reduce, or avoid operational downtime, and highlight areas of particular concern while also providing solutions to potential problems before they arise. Marine consulting is comprehensive, and clients needs are therefore necessarily catered for on a case by case basis whether this is related to expected periods of review or when clients are forced to deal with sudden and unexpected issues such as accidents, breakdowns, port/state control detentions or any other matter which requires a vital response. Eagle Maritime Consultants, Inc. can attend to your urgent needs quickly, thoroughly, and professionally.

To ensure optimal performance and commercial viability of an asset, we understand the importance of carrying out offshore operations and maintenance activities in the safest and most cost-effective, and time-efficient way possible. Eagle Maritime works closely with clients in supporting the safe and efficient execution of high-risk O&M activities at various stages. We bring a comprehensive understanding of the risk profile, as well as the assets and supporting infrastructure at hand, to help better plan, design, and execute O&M activities.

We provide support during operations and maintenance activities for both offshore renewables and oil & gas sectors.

Our services include: 

  • Technical consulting

  • Operational and maintenance matters

  • Structural Designs

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transport and heavy lifts

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marine and offshore 

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risk management

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