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Eagle Maritime offers fast and cost-efficient services for clients that need an accurate presentation of causes and mitigating factors in various claims, accidents, and damage incidents. Our team of Marine Consultants commence a thorough investigation to assess the areas of concern, document all findings, and provide an impartial assessment of the documentation presented to support our clients in legal claims and disputes.

We provide our clients with digital photographs and a detailed survey report of our findings.  



Cargo Damage

  • Chemicals and Gas

  • Petroleum Products

  • Break-bulk & Bagged Cargo

  • Grains, Coals, Sugar, Cement, and other bulk cargoes

  • Steel 

  • Containers

  • Ro-Ro and Reefer Cargoes

Marine Pollution

  • Investigation of the cause, nature and effect of marine pollution

  • Advice on marine oil spill control methods to minimize pollution

  • Preparation of oil spill contingency operations

  • Review and approval of marine oil pollution claims

  • Execution of environmental impact studies

  • Feasibility studies relating to oil recovery

Hull & Machinery Damage

  • All types of marine diesel engine, steam/gas turbines, and auxiliary machinery

  • Bunker and oil contamination

  • New buildings

  • Repairs, including preparation of specifications, bid documents, management and supervision

  • Dry docking

  • Hull, tank and hold surveys

  • Steelwork and welding

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