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Eagle Maritime specializes in designing and reviewing transport of oversized and over-dimensional project cargo by sea, air, land, or rail. This includes but is not limited to consultancy and project guidance for marine, offshore, and project management. We develop an operations manual for load-out management, sea-fastening installation supervision, heavy lift handling procedures, and risk assessments. Our experienced team provides our clients with a combination of regulatory knowledge, operational and technical expertise. 

Our Consultants use software (Bentley Sacs Marine Enterprise) and Moses to model barges, generate hydrostatic particulars, generate ballast plans for roll on and roll off operations of heavy cargoes, check intact stability and damage stability of barge. This capability supports advance planning for project cargo movement. We also offer the following related services in this field: 

  • Feasibility study for the adequacy of securing for sea, land, rail, and air transportation.

  • Preparation of complete Transportation Manuals, including documentation of:​​

    • Structural analysis of cargoes subjected to dynamic forces during transportation

    • Grillage, cribbing, and load spreading design

    • Deck strength calculations and verification

    • Sea-fastening design and detailed calculations

    • Stability calculations

    • Step by step roll on and roll off ballasting calculations

    • Barge mooring design and calculations

    • Bollard pull calculations

    • Barge ramp calculations for roll on and roll off operations

    • Loading and offloading rigging review for adequacy



Naval Architecture

  • Stability and Motion Analysis

  • Structural Design and Analysis

  • Weight Management

  • Vessel Modifications

  • Resistance and Propulsion

  • Vessel Design

Structural Analysis

  • Hull Structure Analysis

  • Load Resistance Analysis

  • Design Structure

  • Stability Calculations

  • Load Predictions

  • Modifications/Conversions

Marine Analysis

  • Marine Systems Design

  • Machinery/Equipment Selection

  • Pumping/Piping Design

  • Propulsion Systems Design

  • System Design/Specification

  • Repair/Refurbishment

  • Equipment List

  • Technical Procurement

  • Machinery Install/Commissioning

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