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Eagle Maritime Consultants, Inc. has assisted in the marine transportation of project materials worldwide concerning liaison between various entities involved in the operation, to ensure that all priority materials are shipped to reach the field promptly and, most importantly, to ensure zero-defect out-turn.


Our services in assisting our clients in the operations would be to coordinate and relay information between various entities involved to ensure all cargo booked is accounted for and arrives at the appropriate location promptly. We aim to furnish the necessary technical expertise for the care and prevention of the cargo in transit since ocean transportation is susceptible to innumerable variables including adverse weather conditions that can be detrimental to cargo improperly stowed on a vessel.

The marine transportation of cargo from Vendor to project site may involve various phases including:


  • Export packaging of equipment

  • Rail or road transportation of packed goods to export dock/terminal

  • Receiving and storage of shipment at the terminal

  • Loading, stowage, and securing of cargo on board vessel

  • Ocean transit

  • Discharge of cargo at destination

  • Ground transportation of shipment to site

  • Final receiving of out-turn of shipment at site


Out monitoring of the operation is not limited to the possible isolated damage in the shipment but is geared to observing elaborate safety recommendations and procedures that focus on achieving zero-defect out-turn. Our objective is the elimination of all possible delays in the field, avoiding costly and time-consuming replacement and/or reshipment of damaged cargo.


Procedures and operations

Our team of Consultants have extensive experience in marine operations. We implement safe practices and produce functional, usable procedures that mitigate risk and ensure safety.

Our engagement, in the planning phases, helps in identifying risks and developing procedures with supporting documentation, that are clear and comprehensive. 

technical documentation and planning 

Our team can provide the following documents for you:

  • Method Statements

  • Transportation Manuals

  • Loading & Offloading Procedures

  • Heavy Lift Procedures

  • Ballasting Calculations & Procedures

  • Mooring Calculations & Procedures

  • Sea-fastening Design

Our experienced team can also provide input in the early stages of planning and provide third party verification with any marine operation to ensure all possible options have been thoroughly investigated and the best methodology is selected. 


Why choose us

Eagle Maritime's project management team is well positioned to deliver through superior backgrounds of experience in all types of on and offshore projects with regards to the strictest requirements regarding safety and the environment. 

Experienced Team

Eagle Maritime's project management team works with integrity, productivity and excellence to drive the project forward, assure quality and mitigate risks. 

Global Specializations

Whether supplying a team of experts or providing short-term technical staffing, Eagle Maritime has extensive experience operating in diverse commercial, technical and geographical environments, providing support to projects and operations globally. 

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