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Good practices and safe execution requires verification and examination of processes by an independent entity for mitigation of undue risk other than what is normally expected. 

The ever-changing and increasing weight, shape, and size of cargoes being transported requires implementation of industry guidelines, standards, and practices such as the need to scrutinize the techniques for implementation since a boilerplate methodology for handling various types of cargoes is not conceivable.

As Marine Warranty Surveyors (MWS), we are the independent third-party that conducts technical reviews and approves the procedures from the planning stages through to the physical execution. 

For over 30 years, EMCI has been a leader as MWS for some of the world's largest and most complex construction projects. EMCI safeguards the interests of underwriters, their assured, the assured's contractors, or the interest of self-insured clients.

Renewable Energy

EMCI has focused and supported the handling of cargo for projects around the world for the production of energy from renewable sources. Our team has extensive experience reviewing the methodology for shipping wind energy equipment and overseeing the actual execution when being handled at various stages of transport until it arrives at the project site. 

Our team has extensive experience with the following components:

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Our experienced team of Master Mariners and Consultants has considerable experience in all offshore operations, including transportation, load-outs, heavy lifts, jacket launches, pipe-laying, and subsea operations.  We review all relevant documentation and procedures to ensure that best practices and the relevant standards and regulations are complied with, using our experience of similar operations to avoid potential problems from an early stage.


We inspect the proposed vessels and equipment for suitability and will attend operations in-port and offshore to ensure that the procedures are complied with and that the operations are conducted in a manner that does not present any undue risks. We can issue certificates of approval as appropriate.

We have experience in a wide range of projects from the transport and installation of single assets through to “mega-projects” involving the transport and installation of equipment from multiple sites to a new construction site or facility.

EMCI provides MWS for the following marine operations:
  • Fixed and floating platforms, including FPSOs, FLNG and FSRUs

  • Transport and installation of offshore platform topsides and jackets

  • Offshore and onshore heavy lifts including cranes, SPMTs, strand-jacks

  • Analysis, calculations, reports and operational procedures

  • Risk assessments including HAZID, HIRA, QRAs, etc. 

  • Subsea operations

  • Transport analyses, sea-fastening design

  • Rig moving

  • Jack-up operations

  • Pipeline projects

  • Multi-site transport of project cargoes

  • Mooring operations

project cargo


Eagle Maritime is highly experienced with project cargo. Our team works closely with insurers and assureds to minimize the risk associated with the transport of heavy lift/project cargo. We have assisted from single item shipments to megaproject shipments where multiple cargoes are shipped from various sites, states, or countries. 


Eagle Maritime capitalizes on our expertise in heavy lift transport and is recognized as a leading source on the transport of project cargo.

Our services include reviewing the relevant documents for lifting, loading, sea-fastening design, stowage, and discharge. We survey the vessels involved to ensure suitability as well as monitor and document the cargo operations to guarantee all plans are executed to our client's scope. 

Our expertise in project cargo:

  • Wind Turbines

  • Nuclear industry components

  • Ship loaders, Ship to Shore, gantry, and other port/harbor cranes

  • Onshore modules and substations

  • Offshore platform jackets and topsides

  • Vessels including semi-subs, jack-ups, superyachts, and tugs

  • Industrial equipment - Modules, Pre-assembled units, towers, condensers, gas storage, tanks, etc. 

  • Power generation equipment - Turbines, stators, etc.

  • Break-bulk cargo

  • We advise our clients on measures and precautions to consider before the start of the operations or project. Our team takes part in on-site meetings at the job site/manufacturers/plant. 

  • We record the objective entity, the state, condition, and quantity of the cargo at a specific time and location.

  • Our presence increases the efficiency in the loading, discharge, handling, storage, or processing operations as well as the safety of the operations and cargo.

  • Our services provide clients with the assurance that all operations will be managed to their satisfaction, as well as implementing their requirements, adding confidence to their Custom Experience Management. 

  • We ensure truthfulness and transparency during the transfer of responsibilities and risks of the cargo.

  • Our reports state factual information, timings, and circumstances of the operation that provide support and protection against potential claims, commercial or recoveries from third party attempts.

  • Our reports are an instrument to reserve claim rights and reinforce them once undertaken. 

Why do our clients incorporate us into their projects?

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